What is my style of photography?


I am a fine art wedding and portrait photographer. I specialise in heartfelt, laid-back and natural wedding and portrait photography. I want my photography to speak to your heart and soul.

Fine art photography is a style of photography with a specific narrative in mind where attention is paid to lighting, background and composition. Photos are taken that translates into visual art – tangible memories that you will treasure forever and will become your family’s heirlooms.

I adore the light & airy, pastel feel of film photography. It evokes emotion, and lends a nostalgic feel to your images. It turns your photos into works of art, into an heirloom. I aim to give my photography that same look and feel.

My clients tell me that my laid back approach to photographing people makes them feel relaxed in front of my camera and allows them to enjoy the experience.  That, in turn, translates into natural, unposed expressions.

Fine art wedding and family photography


Fine art wedding photography is perfect for couples who want to capture the emotions surrounding them during the wedding day as well as all the other finer details they’ve put so much time and effort into arranging.

I adore photographing beautiful bouquets, shoes, gowns, as well as those finer details like decor, rings, stationery etc. Your love and happiness is at the heart of every wedding, but these elements are just as much part of the story, so they always form a big part of my work on the day.

Fine art wedding photography documents your day as it happens, so it is perfect for relaxed couples who want beautiful natural, relaxed images without having to spend a lot of time on posing.

In order to capture those your wedding portrait photos, you will only be away from the party twice briefly sometime during the day. I will be working quickly while you enjoy some time alone as newlyweds. During this session I give gentle guidance to ensure the best angles, Once I’ve finished your portraits, you can focus on celebrating your day with friends and family.


Fine art family photography is for those who want beautiful, natural photos of their children taken in the comfort and familiarity of their own home or in an outside location.

You can choose what setting feels right to you – from urban to natural, to anywhere in-between. If there is a place that is meaningful to you, like the lake, a family farm, an orchard, or downtown – we can go there! (Note that some places require fees or permits for professional photography.)

I usually shoot weekends and evenings, and, if we’ll be shooting outdoors, most often in the last few hours before sunset for the best light. I occasionally do sessions in the morning, but mostly prefer evenings.

Documenting precious moments and milestones, my work is ideal for families who want beautiful imagery of their family that they can treasure forever.

My approach during the shoot is to document your natural emotions and interactions, giving gentle guidance when needed, but no awkward posing.


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